MT2814-11 KV710 antigravity!

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    • MT2814-11 KV710 antigravity!

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    Black - antigravity! EDITION
    CW and CCW prop adapter INCLUDED!!!

    Configuration: 12N14P
    Stator Diameter: 28mm
    Stator Length: 14mm
    Shaft Diameter: 4mm
    Motor Dimensions: 35x36mm
    Number of LiPo Cells: 3-4S
    Weight: 120g
    Wires Length: 550mm

    MT2814-11 KV: 710
    Idle Current: 0,4A
    Maximum Continuous Power 180S: 440W
    Maximum Continuous Current 180S: 27A
    Maximum Efficiency Current: 6-18A > 83%
    Internal Resistance: 125mOhm

    Together with the motor, mounting kit is added. CW and CCW propeller mounts, X-mount and screws.

    Boxed product weight 175g
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